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2012-02-07 04:21 pm
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Well I'm fucking not feeling well.

My best friend of 2 years (relationship of 9 months) ended abruptly. I wasn't prepared for it at all. Not sure where I'm going to go after this, honestly. I'm pretty upset right now, and all I need is someone to talk to and there's literally no one to talk to so I might as well type this out. I don't care who reads this or not..

I don't think I cared about anyone so much in my life, and to feel like he doesn't feel the same really sucks. I don't feel like typing anymore. I'm going to sleep. :c
(Time to find my breakup playlist again)
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2012-02-05 11:18 am
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Well this is kind of here because I don't have a life (outside of my relationship), and I get bored (obviously). I had a LiveJournal once upon a time to blog about my personal life and stuff. Since I kind of missed that, I decided to come here for a fresh start because I'm not nearly as stupid as I was 4 years ago. Tumblr became a little too impersonal for me, hence I made this.
/long boring intro

I'm Angie. I'm 19 years old. Going to college in hopes to become a freelance graphic designer and vet technician. I enjoy metal (not the Asking Alexfagria bullshit). I have a chiweenie. And a wonderfully strange boyfriend named Poo Bear (Ben). And I like to bite :3